{BREAKING DAWN part one...part one}

Since i'm fairly confident that blogger would crash if i posted ALL the pic's i have from my little trip, i've decided to break it up into two posts.
the first being
the happiest place on earth
(no, seriously)
As i said in my previous post, my sisters and i showed up in LA,
 (in the middle of the night thanks to our little detour we took in vegas at the H&M...love it!)
not really knowing what to expect. we knew they were handing out wristbands at 6am, but that was pretty much the extent of our knowledge. however, we were ready for anything! i had my running shoes on, my eyes on the prize, the rocky anthem playing in my mind and i wasn't going to take any prisoners.  after hours of scouting out the competition and worrying about EVERYTHING, we finally got the wristbands that guaranteed us a spot at the premiere. and no one even got hurt in the process...:)

SUMMITT closed down what seemed to be all of downtown LA to create this little universe in which the very bravest and most dedicated twilight fans were to reside for the next 4 days. this is TENT CITY... 
after we set up camp, (took a while because the tent we brought was too big, so we had to run and buy a new one. actually our new friend beverly ran all over town to find one for us. love ya bev.) we came to the conclusion, we didn't hold a candle to our fellow campers. i mean, we thought we were twihards.  we LOVE the books and have read them a million times. we LOVE the movies and have been at every midnight showing and then waited in the nasty walmart lines in the middle of the night to be the first to OWN the new release on DVD. for heavens sake, we left our husbands and children to drive from utah to attend the world wide premiere of the second to last movie. that should count for something right? wrong. we are definitely not twihards, we are but mere fans in comparison. these people live, eat, and breath twilight. some a little too much.

check it...

So, not to be completely outdone, we got to work.
made t-shirts, check.

made posters, check.
decorated our tent, check.
embraced the crazy, double check.
we soon realized that tent city was as much for publicity as it was anything else.
we, along with all the other campers, became local celebrities being interviewed by all
the local media. and who wouldn't want to be on camera after camping for four days?
once we got home the most frequently asked questions were, what did you do all day and did you ever get to take a shower?
this is the twi-fi lounge, hosted by YAHOO movies.
all day every day there were games, contests, prizes, loud music and dancing. SO fun! so much fun, we didn't want to miss out on anything. yes, we had a hotel, but it was only used for a quick shower and a quick cell phone charge. we didn't even sleep there. we did not want to miss out on anything. all this, plus you never knew who was coming to visit...

you could even marry cardboard edward.
and um, no. we had to draw the line somewhere:)
we partied all night.
every night they would show one of the three twilight movies. we became deef from the screaming...
one of the nights they had five of the bands that are featured on the soundtrack put on a concert for us. it was awesome!  it was emceed by "demetri" from the volturi.
better stick to acting...love ya charlie.
as i said before, you never knew who was coming to visit us at tent city.
here we are waiting for some surprise guests...

stephanie meyer came and handed out autographed books.

the oh-so handsome, "carlisle".

one of the denali vampires..."kate".
here is one of the most darling werewolves you will ever meet..."seth".

 note to self, never trust the sixty year old "twi-gram" with feathers in her hair standing behind you to take your picture. this is half of me, completely cut out sister brynne the rest of the sisters and another beautiful werewolf, "emily".

this guy quickly became one of our favorites. he brought us doughnuts, and totally stayed and hung out..."emmett". i know, right?

so next up,
grab a snack and a bev, maybe even a little brown sack to breathe heavy into because the premiere was off the hook!
stay tuned...


Erin K said...

oh my, emmett is holding you pretty tight there! looks like fun for twi-hards. me...not so much, i would have passed out from the lack of sleep.

paige and jord said...

oh joey.. im gonna need tissues cause im so sad its over. too many good mem's!
twi-hards for life.

Nicole said...

Wow! I just watched the Ellen show from yesterday with the cast and they were talking about tent city and all you crazy fans! What a fun experience!

taryn and taylor said...

awwe yeeah sista! ps. i stole this post completely, haha sorry! so sad it's over - but SUCH goo goo times! love you sister :)

Ashley said...

Cant wait!!!

Trav and Linds said...

Wow, seriously amazing! You lucky girls, sounds like such a fun time!

Chelsey said...

love it. i especially love that you were the official spokesperson for tent city, at least that what it looked like from the pics ;)

The White Family said...

LOVE it linds! Those will be some AWESOME memories :)

Jon and Tasha Fam said...

OMG!!! SO I am totally jealous, I love all the fun stuff you did, the pictures are great!! I am so happy for you guys:) I am glad we got to go to lunch for your b_day!! Have a great birthday!!!

Susan said...

Oh my goodness, I think I would have fainted!! Miss you guys! You are so brave and Adventurous! Loved every bit of this post!

pollydove said...

I seriously am dying at how awesome all of this was for you guys!!! YOU look sooooo adorable in all of these pictures too Linds! You little local celeb, you!!! LOVE that you had such a fantastic time ... I was worried you would only get a far away glimpse. HA - was I wrong! :)