{breaking dawn part one...part two}

the premiere!!!
a twelve hour drive, standing in endless lines, camping out for 4 days,
it all came down to this...

the night before.

since it took the crew two days to set up for this event, we thought we would capture the moment. it was spectacular! i have never been to a movie premiere before. i can't believe all that it takes to pull it off. all the crazies at TENT CITY told us this was the hugest thing they had ever seen.(and i believe them, for most of the people there, this was their fourth time coming. they are all camping out for hunger games too...aye-yi-yi.)

here we are waiting for the stars to arrive. we had to be there at 2:45, and the peeps didn't start comin till 5 or 6. my back was killing me...
one thing we were not expecting was all the other celebs that showed up. the darling guy from 17 again, the kardashian little sisters, cody simpson

the girl from step up, heather locklear, HGTV guy, "fox face" from hunger games
ron artest and the 1 foot tall, bruno mars.
apparently, there is a new 90210? well, they were there.
some "american idol" alums. lauren alaina could not have been sweeter.
the cast of "revenge."
and then THE cast...
i'm not sure of all their names so well just refer to them as their character names.
(much to the twi-moms dismay, they say they don't like it. really, twi-moms?)

tanya and kate from the denali coven. 
eric & alec
mike newton.
billy, renee, stephanie meyer, and darling little renesme.
leah from the wolf pack.
the rest of the wolves.
in my opinion, best dressed of the night...
alice. she was stunning.

rosealie, carlisle and jasper.
we knew the second the "BIG THREE" arrived.
we were pushed and shoved in every which way, and the screaming was deafening.
BUT, it was sooooo worth it!
there they were, standing right in front of us.
i was so impressed with the way all three of them handled themselves. they spent a few moments with the media and then blew them off for the fans.
they went around to every section took pics, signed autographs and chatted.
wow! i now know what it means to be "starstruck."
i do know these names,
and they need no introduction...

even better in real life. serious.
he was the hardest to get to hold still. his body guards were right there
ready to smack away any hand that tried to touch him...
              kristen stewart.
      the surprise of the evening. she was so sweet. i thanked her for signing my arm, she looked right at me and said, "no problem!" awkward in interviews, very nice in person.
       and in my opinion, beautiful!
           the couple then posed for a few pics.
                       my sister paige found this middle pic online in the washington post.
     look who it is...the 3rd wheel in this relationship...;)
         not together in real life my eye...
         although i am NO jacob fan, i am a taylor lautner fan. he was so darling! amazing skin.
the idea of the evening was to get pics with our faves, but when we realized that was going to be next to impossible, instinct took over. i got ALL THREE to sign my arms.
just when we thought it couldn't get any better,
we all got tickets to go inside the NOKIA theater and watch the world wide premiere
of "breaking dawn-part one" with all the cast.
what an experience this turned out to be!
favorite moment: (besides r. patts holding my hand while signing my arm...)
being with my 4 best friends, my sisters.
i never laugh harder then when i'm with these girlies. love all of you forever.
to all the tent city crazies: thanks for the killer entertainment. memories to last a lifetime.
to my AMAZING husband: (who supports the addiction with a smile on his face)
thank you for being you. taking a week off work to watch the banchies while your crazy wife is off in cali being, well, um...crazy is medal worthy. i don't deserve you. loves.
and to the cast of "breaking dawn-part two"...
see you next year!


pollydove said...

LINDSAY!!!! I love this! It really is beyond amazing! I bet you must think you dreamed it on some days! (Isn't celeb stalking awesome!) :) I posted about this today too, and swiped some pics from Facebook but I did NOT see the one of you from the Washington Post! That is SUPA cool!!!

paige and jord said...

oh jo, its so sad. now that the posts are over, i feel like our trip is officially over ;( memories to last forever.... love you sista.

The White Family said...

WICKED cool Linds!

taryn and taylor said...

ohh.. i thought you didn't care about taylor lautner signing your arm? oh wait........... just kidding sister! so grateful for the good good times with my bestestestest friends. so sad it's over.. like paigey said, "memories to last forever". until next year at breaking dawn part 2.. love you!

Jon and Tasha Fam said...

LOVE!! Wow so much fun, you make me wana go next year:) I am so happy for you. you got a break from mommy duty. AMAZING PICS

Courtney Snowden said...

Oh boy!!!!!
that is all I can say...
Oh wait...I have one more thing to say...
I still love Bruno Mars even though he is 1 foot tall :)

Ashley said...

The WashPost pic is so awesome! I love that KStewart was cool in person. A.Mazing!

Nicole said...

Um... can I come next year?

Angie said...

OH MY GOSH!!! I get chills reading this! I'm beyond jealous...it looks like you had a BLAST! And these pictures are amazing! I'm so glad that you were able to go with your sisters and have such an AMAZING experience! So...are you going to go next year too??