{mothers day...}

i got my dream job...

and i get to celebrate it, not just today, but everyday.
i adore being the one these little boys call mom.



{we've adopted!}

announcing the arrival of our new beautiful little girl...

born may 5th (to us) .  9:30 am . 15ish lbs.

we are so in love!

 proud parents, kenny & lindsay
loving brothers, tate, crew & haws.
(photos courtesy of auntie paige)


{easter love...}

this easter,
we have so much to be grateful for.

due to some technical difficulties at our cousin party,
i had to rely on the talents of my little sis.
thanks taryn.

we hope your easter was as blessed as ours.


{ the iphone...}

for many moons, i have been preaching the practical-ness  of my little first addition nokia.
 (zack morris brick phone)
i simply ignored all the ranting and raving and not so subtle hints from friends and family about up-grading and embracing the twenty-first century technology.

valentines day 2012
my life became more clear.

kenny surprised me with the new iphone 4,
and immediately i was in love.
the world is brighter, my life is easier and i haven't been lost since. (my own navigational skills are less than stellar) i still now and forever refuse facebook, but as of late am inching closer to my own age bracket rather than 65+ in the techno savvy department;) 
i have also become a fan of instagram.
and i'm sorry to say blogger, this crazy busy mom finds it much more convenient.
so for now, until i can conquer both, this is where i'll be most of the time.
(baby steps people)

{follow me}



we'z a been busy.

i'm so sorry dear bloggie-blog,
i have neglected you for far too long.
but, i really do have some good reasoning for the long absence.

reason number one:
my little bro. returned home from the billings, montana mission!
hims all growed up and as darling as ever.
glad to have you home jens, we missed you like craZy.

reasons number 2-27:
we (i) packed up our little house in PG and made the trek to our new home in, wait for it...
i do realize it's not too much further north, but oh well, we love it.

fave things about our new digs:
1) 3 car garage 2) big play room in the basement 3) a nice big FENCED yard

and as much as these little knuckleheads try...they are trapped!
we may only be here for a little while, but we are settling in and loving it.
reason number 28:
we gave it a good go and went without cable or internet for a month.
(we actually lasted A LOT longer than i thought we would.)
so, for now, we are plugged back in, and ready to rock!
more pics to come.



it's too bad christmas has already passed...
because all these two peterson boys want is their two front teeth.

tatie bug lost his two bottom teeth to old age.

crew lost his a few months ago to a run in with the tile floor.

either way, the tooth fairy is going broke trying to keep up;)

and little crewbie can't get enough.


{for rent...}

   looking for a new home for the new year???

we are growing tired of commuting to downtown SLC
twice a day to get to work. ok, mostly me,
and i'm not even the one driving.
we need to rent our town home so
we can head north.



 very cute and very well kept. 3 beds 2.5 baths 1 car garage and full access to clubhouse with pool, hot tub, theater room and gym. leave me a comment if you know of anyone looking.